The Place: Rupununi, Guyana

The Rupununi River, savannas, forest and Pakaraima mountains

Everything WABBANI makes grows out of the deep connection to the lands and waters that characterizes local life. Each lovely thing is an act of appreciation for the natural world and the human opportunity to fashion something from it.

El Dorado: the savannas and wetlands between Yupukari and Quatata villages, fronting the Kanuku mountains

A surprise visitor to Caiman House, Yupukari enjoys our cowhide bench

What makes the Rupununi region special in ecological terms is that it lies at the nexus of two river systems, the Amazon and the Essequibo, which have overflowed and mixed on these plains for millennia, yielding unique endemic giant species: the largest ant, anteater (see photo), eagle, otter, rodent, snake and spider in the world all make the Rupununi their home.

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