Kitchens that sing

Wabbani is a décor company with a social mission to connect remote artisans with customers.

Our products are handmade, culturally-authentic add-ons that fit the exact specifications of IKEA furnishings.

We make a more beautiful world inside and outside: preserving threatened cultures and habitats, supporting artisan livelihoods, and sharing revenue with the maker communities that share their arts with us.

Our Inaugural Collection: GUYANA

Diamondback in Natural
Riverclay knob
28" Lampshade Slipcover

Two Problems Worth Solving

IKEA is loved by its customers for modern and affordable home furnishings. But neutral colors and modular designs yield interiors that can feel impersonal and bland.

ARTISANS in remote settings handcraft beautiful objects but lack access to markets.

Our Solution

Customers gain beautiful, personal interiors made to fit their IKEA furnishings, while indigenous, remote and rural producers earn income and reap the benefits of WABBANI’s revenue-sharing model that will be transformative for their families and communities.

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